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We are a seasonal consignment sale in Maryland. We offer gently used high quality brand name children's clothing (sizes 0-16), and gear. Toys, nursery items, car seats, high chairs, strollers, cribs, children's sporting equipment, pack-n-plays, children's furniture, maternity clothing and more, can be found at amazing savings!

Sale News

NEW NEW NEW For our Prince George's County and Charles County Sales we are RAISING OUR BASE COMMISSION to 60%!! This is to help these smaller sales grow and increase inventory. If you work one shift at these sales you will still earn 60% but you will ALSO shop early AND receive your consignor commission back. If you work two shifts you will earn 65%, earn your consignor commission back and shop even earlier!

WORKER CHANGE As of Spring 2014, you must now be a consignor to join our team and help out at our sale in order to shop early. In addition we have a new minimum number of items to consign of 30 items.

NEW Mom Shop: We are introducing a NEW mom shop at our spring sales! Because we know we have many new moms who used to help out at the sale who now will not be able to, we will be adding a NEW MOM shop during our pre-sale! A limited number of new moms will be able to shop at our pre-sale for price of $10. This shopping time will be open to pregnant ladies, those adopting or those who have had or adopted a baby within the last 12 months. Click on the links below to sign up for this shopping time.

Please bring $10 CASH payable at the door when you come to shop as well as your receipt from registering! You may bring your husband or mother with you (not friends, but husband, spouse or mother to help with decision making -- friends should buy their own passes, thanks for understanding)

Anne Arundel New Mom Shop:
Wednesday April 30th 6-8PM
*******Our New Mom Shop for Anne Arundel County is SOLD OUT!*******

Charles County New Mom Shop: Friday May 16th 6-8PM

ANNAPOLIS CONSIGNORS We have an infant clothing limit of 30 items of size 12 months or under -- this excludes Gymboree and boutique items but DOES include bagged onesies.

ANNAPOLIS CONSIGNORS We will also have a new maximum number of clothing items per size. You will be able to bring 75 items PER SIZE for sizes 12 months to size 6. (there is still no overall maximum). For 0-12 months the maximum continues to be 30. This EXCLUDES boutique and Gymboree. You may bring as many Boutique and Gymbo items as you want. If we run into a situation where we run out of room on the racks again, we will handle it the same way, holding the overflow items in the back room and bringing them out just as fast as we can.

ANNAPOLIS CONSIGNORS We also have a new clothing limit for MATERNITY --- this category does not sell very well and instead of doing away with the category, we are going to limit the number to 15 maternity items you can bring. So bring your BEST and price to sell!

BREAST PUMPS As of spring 2014 we will no longer be taking single use breast pumps at our sales unless it is brand new in the box (never used). We will continue to take multi-use pumps. This is due to the increasing awareness of safety issues of pre-used pumps. Please do your research on this important issue before purchasing a pump.